Bali – Day 17


Day 17

Good morning in Bali, first things first…lets check out the breakfast. Small but good. I was just confused with a redish/pink substance in a glass. It looked like glue but probably supposed to be jam. I tried it, it was very sweat. 😆

– Guten Morgen Bali…erstmal Frühstücken. Kleine aber fein. Ich war nur etwas verwirrt mit einer rötlich/pinken Substanz in einem Glass. Es sah aus wie Kleber, stellte sich aber raus es sollte Marmelade sein. Ich versuchte es, es war extrem süß. 😋 –

Now I went back to put sunscreen on and then it was time to roll out and explore Kuta.

– Jetzt war es Zeit Sonnencreme aufzutragen und dann war ich fertig um Kuta zu erkunden. –

The shopping mall was just 5 min away but it took a little longer because there are some street shops along the way and everybody is trying to sell you something.


I walked through the shopping center because on the other side was the ocean.

The night before there was a big thunderstorm on the island which meant that a lot of rubbish was laying on the beaches. Not the prettiest site and also very smelly.

I walked along the beach trying not to step into something and trying to be nice to numerous vendors which are also on the beach, trying to sell surfing, drinks, and chairs.

I found Poppies Lane I pretty quick, which is one of the busiest tourist streets in Kuta. Stall after stall, souvenir after souvenir.

I walked up Poppies Lane I and then down Poppies Lane II. On the end or lane II was another shopping center with lots of Western stores.

It was called beachwalk mall. Here they had a stage set up for some dancing. Unfortunately, there was no performance that day.

I got a bit tired so I went back to the beach and laid there to rest a bit.

After some time, I started to feel hungry so I made my way to find my first Balinesian warung for an early dinner.

I had a vegetable curry which was really good.

I walked a little more, fascinated with all the artful decorated hotels and houses.

I went back to the hotel after sunset, had a shower and went to bed.


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