Bali – Day 18


Day 18

This morning I got woken up by an earthquake 😨! My whole bed shook, I jumped out of bed and out the door onto the balcony, as did several other hotel guests. We all waited a couple minutes and went back inside.

With a little shock I got ready and had some breakfast.

Nobody seemed to be majorly concerned about the quake, so I tried not to be either. I did check the news and they stated that it was a 6.4 R, that NO Tsunami alert was triggered, and that no damages were done.

So I got ready for day 2 and went on to the street of Kuta.

I walked all the way to Legian, through the streets and sometimes along the beach.

I watched the surfers.

I passed a couple houses that looked like temples, but I don’t think they were. Some houses are just so nicely done, with all the stone carvings and statues.

I found a bus to Uluwatu and decided to put it on the plan for the next day.

I went back to the beach and rested a bit.

Then I went on to have dinner in a warung on Poppies II, which was very delicious. I had fried noodles with vegetables and a Avocado juice for $3.5.

Now it was time to head to the beachwalk shopping center, where they had some Balinesian dancing as an event in the evening.

It was beautiful and it was just amazing how the dancers were able to move there fingers in the most strange ways.

A looooong day of walking came to an end and as I got back to the hotel a shower was most definitely needed. Fresh and clean I went of to bed.


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